Technical Office Tools

Software for Technical Support Office.

Specific drawing, design and calculation of facilities and infrastructure software:

  • ETAP. Electrical engineering software for the design, simulation, operation and automation of generation, transmission, distribution and industrial power systems.

  • CANECO BT INTERNACIONAL. ALPI Low Voltage calculation software. International version.

  • DMELECT CIEBT: DMELECT Low Voltage calculation software.

  • RA-WIN: Procedimientos Uno Potable water and fire protection networks for urbanizations calculation software.

  • SU-Win: Procedimientos Uno Drainage networks for urbanizations calculation software.

  • CL-Win: Procedimientos Uno Thermal loads for buildings calculation software.

  • DA-Win: Procedimientos Uno Air distribution for buildings calculation software.

  • IC-Win: Procedimientos Uno Radiator systems for buildings calculation software.

  • AC-Win: Procedimientos Uno Compressed air systems for industries calculation software.

  • TCQ: IteC (Institut de Tecnologia d'Edificació de Catalunya) budgets implementation software including Banking Rates.



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