On 1 January 2010 MOSE Serveis d'Enginyeria, SLPU society was formed  which continues the team, tasks and experience developed in the Agustí Moseguí Gimenez engineering office, who has been operating since 2004 until the end of 2009. This experience adds to the earlier work employed in engineering and installation companies.

Technical Director: Industrial Engineer Agustí Moseguí Giménez.

Functions: Team leader, interlocutor with the client and other team members. Monitors progress and compliance of the established common objectives with continued participation. Responsible for establishing design criteria for facilities design and calculation thereof.

Profile: Industrial Engineer with experience in project work and construction supervision and management for the Administration and private sectors and participation in project contracts in urbanizations and buildings.

Experience: More than 15 years in facilities.


Technical Assistant: Technical and Industrial Engineer Óscar Marcos Maicas

Functions: Participation in the drafting of part of the project, measurements, drafting of Specifications and design of facilities.

Experience: 6 years in facilities.


MOSE Serveis d'Enginyeria

C. Canigó, 84, local